Sunday, 17 July 2011

Swimsuit guide for you body shape!

This week was the 65th anniversary of the bikini, so I thought I would do a post on finding swimwear for your body shape!

If you're unsure about your body shape click here

So there are 4 main body types: apple, pear, hourglass, and athletic.
If you are apple shaped, most of your weight is on your stomach and your legs are slim. You would have a top-heavy appearance.
Swimwear for you... you should show off your slim legs, you can make them look longer by wearing high waisted bikini bottoms, as for the top, tankini's are best they will cover your stomach and by choosing prints and darker colours, you will look even slimmer.

If you are pear shaped your chest and shoulders would be narrower than your waist. Most of  your weight would be below your waistline. You would have a defined waist.
Swimwear for you... you should try to slim down your bottom half and create curves on the top half.
For your upper half, you should try bright colours to draw attention to your upper half. As for the bottom, try darker colours to create a slim look, this will also give you slimmer looking legs.

If you are hourglass shaped your waist will be more defined while your chest and hips will be of the same ratio.
Swimwear for you... Really any type of swimsuit, bikini or tankini will suit you! But if you want to define your curves, wear swimwear that is matching or the one colour, but other than that, you can wear what you want!

If you are athletic shaped you would be pretty much the same measurements from shoulders to hips. You are slender in most parts.
Swimwear for you... you can create curves with bold colours, halternecks also create curves. you could try padded bikini tops and you could also try frills as they also create curves.

I hope that helped! Be confident whatever your shape! Happy shopping!

Until next time...
Laura :)