Sunday, 17 July 2011

Rosso Solini: What's your opinion?

I recently came across an article in the paper related to Rosso Solini. If you have never heard of it, basically it is a company that has been set up by an Irish teenager, the company (Rosso Solini) has designed a product that will transform any high street high heel, into a designer red soled shoe. The product is a red sticker that can be applied in less than 3 minutes, making your shoes look like authentic Christian Louboutin's! A box  of 3 pairs of stickers cost  €15, the red stickers can be bought at all contact details and further information is on the website.
I personally think that this is a great idea, especially coming from somebody so young. I wish Tara and her company the best of luck :)
Leave a comment below to let me know whether you love/loathe this idea!

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Laura :)

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  1. Hi to all the hard working high heelers out there!

    I am Tara Haughton CEO and inventor of Rosso Solini Designer Soles
    I just read your article on my product Rosso Solini and wanted to thank you for taking the trouble to share my story with your readers.
    I am very sorry that I did not get to contact you sooner, as you can understand there are a lot of items posted about my product
    and I do like to read and share as many as I can..

    So I will post this to my FB in the very near future ….

    Since I started my company at the age of 15 in 2010 it has grown and I now have 5 products and sell in 23 countries around the world
    it is translated into 3 languages and we now have over 30 styles and designs, and just completed a recent order of 10,000 units
    of the Union Jack Soles for the UK market aimed at the Olympics.

    Rosso Solini has won four major awards in that time and has been featured by Coco Perez, Elle Nl, Vogue Nl, AOL, Trendhunter,
    and of course by heel me (Many thanks) and many many more ….

    google Rosso Solini or my name tara Haughton there is a lot of information there

    All my products are made in Ireland and are endorsed by 3M..

    Just a couple of youtube links that might interest you ….


    Many thanks for reading the email and if you want any more information just let me know..

    Warm regards