Saturday, 6 August 2011

OOTD: Polka Dots!

So today, I went for a white camisole top, with a black and pink polka dot cardigan, paired with denim shorts and black tights!

 Black and pink polka dot cardigan: Penneys* €13.99

 This cardigan has really cute gold buttons and a black bow on either side.

Denim shorts: Penneys* €7.00
Black tights: Penneys* €4.00 (pack of 3)

I just realised that everything that I'm wearing is from Penneys*. (I love that shop, mainly because you can get really nice, on-trend stuff for very cheap prices!) I'm like a poster girl for Penneys* (I promise you I don't have a partnership with Penneys!*)
*Penneys is known as Primark in the UK*

Hope you enjoyed

Until next time...
Laura :)


  1. Nice cardigan!

  2. Loving your blog! that cardigans soo cute, you have similar taste to me, shall take a peek and pick up some ideas :)

    Sam xx

  3. lovely cardigan X)
    nice blog! i love your background.. following you now :)