Sunday, 18 September 2011

Sunday Summary

Hi everyone!
Okay so I have seen a few other people doing these types of  posts, where they basically said what they did on a certain day and what they're liking at the moment. I don't know if this will be something I do regularly, what do you think?

  •   Walked my dog: All the trees were different colours, so pretty, I love Autumn!
  •  Washed my hair: I know, I know, so exciting! But I used a new shampoo and every time I turn my head, I get a huge waft of shampoo... Lurvly :)
  •  Had chipper: I love chips and I hadn't had them in ages! Delicious with lots of salt and vinegar!
  • Loving french manicured nails at the moments, so simple yet very sophisticated. I've finally got the knack of doing them on my right  hand!
  •  Went shopping: Seeing all the wintry clothes in the shops makes me so excited!
  •  Just recovered from a cold and I'm feeling great, it's such a relief to not be sneezing every 5 seconds and to be able to breath through my nose again :)
  •  Watched TV: I love this time of year when all your favourite  TV programmes start a new series... *ahem, x-factor, ahem*
  • Currently restarted my addiction of watching cute animal videos on YouTube, not sure how I feel about this, but I just can't resist cute animals especially puppies :)
That's all for now,

Until next time...
Laura :)

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