Thursday, 7 June 2012


Okay, this is just a little rant about the acronym YOLO. Which stands for You Only Live Once (duh!)

I made this video because basically I was getting very fed up of seeing and hearing it EVERYWHERE...

I typed YOLO into urban dictionary and these are a few examples of what it means...

  • The phrase has been a motto for people for a long time, but the shortened version, YOLO, has gained popularity since the release of the song, “The Motto” by Drake.

  • YOLO: Mainly used to defend doing something ranging from mild to extremely stupidity.

  • The term YOLO has been blown out of proportion and teenagers (not me!) over use it by hash tagging it all over Facebook and Twitter.

  • The acronym YOLO is being used by people to persuade their friends to take risks or to do something they wouldn't normally do.

So, I really hope that the phrase YOLO is just temporary and people will soon stop saying it, otherwise I think I'll go crazy...

Until next time...
Laura x

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